Enrico Ferrari Ardicini was born in Milan in 1965, where he lives and works. Architect, film director and photographer he develops his professional sensibility in the continuous in-depht analysis of the relationship between film and architecture, intending scenic design as a field of architectural experimentation.

In the early ‘90s, after the collaboration with Stefano Giovannoni, he realizes photo-shooting, creating original photo-set for the magazine Interni Annual.

In 1994 he opens “Studio di architettura e fotografia”, which is mainly engaged in interior projects, exhibition design and photography.

Since his solo exhibition in 1995 at “Il cancello di Milano” art gallery, he starts to show his works in several solo and group exhibitions. Among them, Senso, Galeria Segovia-Isaacs (Barcelona, 2001), New Art’02 (Barcelona) with the video-installation Los Amantes de Sants, OFF Loop’00 Fair (Barcelona, 2003).

In 1999, he opens in Milan “Camera” with designer Nicola Gallizia, an experimental show-room for wich he develops and produces its own collection of forniture and design home furnishings.

From the beginning his dreamlike vision of existence reflects on his artwork, always aimed to recognize the poetical dimension of the human condition, suspended between reality and imagination, poetry and horror (this is evident looking at his artwork Contento di mangiare la mia parte di carne, Circolo Culturale Bertolt Brecht, Milano, 1998 and in the video-installation Senso, Galeria Segovia-Isaacs (Barcelona, 2001).

Since 2000, he directs and produces his own videos and site-specific vide-installations aimed to public and private clients, exhibiting his artwork in museums and art galleries, in Italy and abroad.

In 2004, he takes part to the 12th competition of Coreografo Elettronico (Festival Internazionale di Videodanza, Naples) earning a special mention for the short film DDDance, screened during the same year at MACRO in Rome.

Since 2006 he shares life and projects with the art curator and interior design Marta Fontana.

Since 2008 to 2011 he collaborates with “Galleria d’Arte Moderna” of Milan realizing videos which show off the value of the museum and its collection. In 2010, during the “Museo senza porte” event, his videos G.A.M. and IV Potere are projected on the facade of the Arengario Palace, Museo del Novecento building, piazza Duomo, Milan.

In 2003, in his own studio he improves skills in project management, through which he starts a series of important projects of estate renovation, including modern and historical buildings, works which enable him to develop his unique scenic vision of the architectural space, using it at service of the buildings character and their environment.

Since 2004 he works with other architects, including John Pawson.

Between 2005 and 2008 he designs several Giorgio Armani boutiques abroad.

In his works the ability to listen attentively to the place and to its historical and environmental peculiarites is the key for the realization of a project.